We offer an affordable way to not only secure your home and property, but also enable you to remotely connect and manage your home. Some of the advanced features allow you to remotely arm/disarm your home security system, as well as control your home door locks, household lighting, temperature controls, and even look in on your family with our video features. Stay connected with your home and family, even when you’re on the go.


Audio / Visual Systems

​We custom tailor every A?V system to your specific taste. Movie night has you glued to the seat, outdoor events never want to end and that relaxing bath now as sound to sink you right into paradise. All of Protecht's A/V systems provide mobile app based controls so the tunes are always a
click away!
Surveillance Systems
People are always looking for something to avert or if something does happen, catch the person who is committing the act. That is no longer a problem with our IP security cameras. Now you can not only see whats happening but identify who, what, when and where with great clarity that traditional analog systems lack in.
Our systems feature:
  • Remote viewing compatible. (view from phones, computers, tablets, etc.)
  • Pull recorded footage at your convenience
  • Wide variety of camera types to cater to both residential and commercial
Alarm Systems

Alarms are almost to the point of necessity now-a-days. With the rise in crime, knowing your home is more secure will comfort you throughout your day, while you are away and when you are asleep. We offer systems that fit your lifestyle and needs, while not making your everyday life any more difficult than turning on your television. You simply hit a button and leave your house, knowing your home is as secure as it can be.

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